WebkinzFan91's Webkinz!

George (Pig)

Hi! Oh, um, don't mind me. I'm just enjoying a snack. Peanut butter is my favorite food! Especially Jif. Yummy...
My name is George, and I'm a pig! My best friend is Bob. I'm not in too many videos yet, but I play the part of Officer Bacon (how ironic) in Curtis Mansion.

Onyx (Arctic Fox)

Hello. I am Onyx, the Arctic Fox. I was named after a character WebkinzFan91 role plays as on another account on Kupika. I love snow and enjoy being outside in the cold. I don't have any parts yet, but I am looking forward to being cast soon. My best friends are Noel, the Peppermint Puppy, and Slushie, the Baby Penguin. I also share a room with Slushie, so I take care of him.

Dark (Emporer Dragon)

Hey. I'm Dark, the Emporer Dragon. I was named after Dark Mousy, a character in D.N. Angel. There is no Daisuke yet, but I was promised there would be one. I play the role of Dimitri Ivashkov in Cutris Manor. I'm pretty excited about it. I like dark places, and love fire. Wanda, the Whimsy Dragon, is my twin sister.  Elfangor, the Citrus Dragon, is my older brother. Pyro, the Lava Dragon, is my cousin and my best bud.

Phil (Brown Arabian)

Hello there. My name is Phil. I am WebkinzFan91's first Webkinz. She might not have picked me if I hadn't given her "the eyes". :)
The picture is of my best friend Charmer and I (she is a TY Beanie Baby). I am married to Genevieve, the Pink Poodle. The video of our wedding is on Youtube (make sure to see it!). I love racing, and I'm quite handsome, if I do say so myself.

Genevieve (Pink Poodle)

Hello darlings. Genevieve here. New wife of Phil, the Brown Arabian. Check out the video on Youtube if you haven't already seen it. WebkinzFan91 was kind enough to film it for us. Thank you, honey. Also, my best friend is Yolanda.
I usually get casted as the part of the "preppy" girl. You might have noticed. I'm what they call a star. Proud of it, darlings. Genevieve is my name; entertaining is my game.

Yolanda (White Terrier)

Omagosh, hi! This is Yolanda. I'm a White Terrier. I love my picture. That's WebkinzFan91's cat, Rusty. He and I are best friends. But I don't think he actually likes me. I think he just puts up with me...
Anyway, so Genevieve and I are besties! We usually get roles where I'm her preppy best friend, which is ok by me because I don't have to try too hard to be her friend! :)

Wanda (Whimsy Dragon)

My name is Wanda because I reminded WebkinzFan91 of Wanda from The Fairly Oddparents. Thank goodness that is my name, or I might have ended up being Cotton Candy (no offense to anyone who is named such)!!
My twin brother is Dark, the Emporer Dragon. My older brother is Elfangor, the Citrus Dragon. My cousin is Pyro, the Lava Dragon.
I love anything pink and, well, WHIMSICAL! I don't really have any big roles in any videos because I am newer, but I'm glad to be her Webkinz all the same!

Bud (Bullfrog)

Croak. Bud the Bullfrog here. Can you guess where my name comes from? Yep. Budweiser. I reminded WebkinzFan91 of the old Budweiser commercials with the bullfrogs. Hence, my name. I guess I don't mind. It fits me pretty well. I'm just very glad to be with her. She loves me and all of her other Webkinz (although we get lost in her disaster of a room a lot. She comes looking for us though!). I usually get pretty honorable roles in her videos. Currently, I play Elliot Curtis, the head of the bed and breakfast house in Curtis Manor.

Bob (Hippo)

Hi there! I'm Bob, the Hippo! I like water (as you can tell from my picture). George is my best friend. I also have a son, but he doesn't have a name yet. -gasp!- There is a video, however, where you can suggest names for my son. I hope you'll add your ideas!! I play one role so far, a gay man in Curtis Manor. My cousin is Martin, the Mud Hippo.

Opal (Golden Retriever)

Hi!!! I am Opal, WebkinzFan91's 10th Webkinz! She named my Opal because she got me for her birthday which is in OCTOBER! :D
Currently, I am M.I.A. I like to go on vacations without telling WebkinzFan91, but I show up randomly for no reason. -giggle- I just got back from Hawaii!

Rosie (Panda)

Hi. I'm Rosie. You won't see much of me because WebkinzFan91 won me from a pack of trading cards (I only really exist online). She borrowed a friend's Panda, however, to make me come to live for a little while. I am featured in four different videos of Rosie's Hour.

Rosie Jr (Panda Kinzclip)

Hi! I'm Rosie Jr, the miniature version of Rosie the Panda! WebkinzFan91 received me as a gift for she and her boyfriend's one-year anniversary! Aren't I cute? I hosted the mini-series In the Car.

Elfangor (Citrus Dragon)

Hiya! I'm Elfangor, the Citrus Dragon! I was just recently adopted by WebkinzFan91. I'm named after Prince Elfangor, the Andalite prince in the Animorph book series. I haven't been in anything other than the Webkinz Thanksgiving. I'm excited to get a role, though!
My brother is Dark, the Emporer Dragon. My sister is Wanda, the Whimsy Dragon. My cousin is Pyro, the Lava Dragon.

Martin (Mud Hippo)

Hi there!!! I'm Martin the Mud Hippo. WebkinzFan91's boyfriend bought me for her as a surprise. She named me after his middle name, Martin. My cousin is Bob, the Hippo. I'm so excited to be in some videos!!

Noel (Peppermint Puppy)

Hi everyone! My name is Noel and I am a Peppermint Puppy! I LOVE Christmastime and WebkinzFan91 is my bestest friend ever! Onyx is my other best friend since she is an Arctic fox. I love Lady Gaga, so you'll see me dancing or singing or obsessing about her alot.

Pyro (Lava Dragon)

Hey. Pyro here. I'm a Lava Dragon. I love fire (obviously) and you'll see me hanging out around the oven or the stove. My cousins are Dark, the Emporer Dragon, Wanda, the Whimsy Dragon, and Elfangor, the Citrus Dragon. My best friend is Dark.

Slushie (Baby Penguin)

Hi!!! I'm Slushie, the Baby Penguin!!! I love playing in the snow! It's my favorite thing to do! I get to go to school with WebkinzFan91 every day. I sit in her backpack all day, but I feel better because I'm with her. My best friend is Onyx, the Arctic Fox, but that is probably because I share a room with her. Did I mention I love snow?